Why people blog.


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I recently asked the question ‘Why blog’ in one of my posts, and thought I’d share with you the vast array of reasons WHY people take up blogging, as I found the feedback truly inspiring:

  • Blogging provides a framework for writing every day;
  • I took up blogging for purely commercial reasons in to increase traffic to a website;
  • Blogging provides an outlet to try different ways of writing;
  • Blogging is a gateway to whatever you want it to be;
  • I took up blogging to get back into creative writing and expand my boundaries;
  • I wanted to share “parenting food for thought” as a means to inspire parents to think outside the box, and to gain new ways that they could enrich their parenting journeys;
  • I wanted to get feedback on my writing;
  • I use blogging to build my personal brand. By creating content you can repackage and repurpose it in other ways;
  • To meet like minded people;
  • To share ideas and receive feedback from others;
  • To share experiences in the design industry and lend advice and knowledge to the creative community;
  • To have some fun and work the kinks out of my long dormant web skills;
  • I started blogging as a new year’s resolution;
  • It makes life that little bit more enjoyable;
  • I started blogging when I was unemployed and people around me forced me into pursuing my love for writing;
  • To share what I have in mind with others and help;
  • It serves as a diversion – a stress reliever.

I believe this really shows that no matter what reason you have to start blogging, you can do it if you want to, and it is worthwhile.


9 thoughts on “Why people blog.

  1. Outstanding post and subject. Why do we go into the often thankless task of blogging? I started with great expectations, then took a couple of months off to learn more about it, and started again with new enthusiasm. Now I’m loving it. Why? Because it gives me a creative outlet. Blogging tests and improves my writing skills. I have a message that I’m passionate about. And it’s to promote my book (and its message)before publication.

  2. I started out with the blog as a vehicle to promote my book, but found all the reasons you list to be true.

    WordPress is like one giant cocktail party of cool literary minded people. I’ve learned a lot from my readers.

    Dr. B, author, “The Mandolin Case”

  3. Such a wonderful compilation! Also…it is something I look forward to always! These six months were so much fun and I thought I wouldn’t “survive” this long?

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