Life is but a moment in time

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Time is of the essence, someone wise once said.

The busier I get, and the more I throw myself into what I am passionate about in my spare time, the more I get frustrated with how easily time is wasted on things that just aren’t that important – but that need to be done as an apparent ‘end to the means’.

Growing up I was told I would need to settle for any old job to get me through life – as that was what everyone did. I am so thankful to have met people in the last year who have shattered that illusion.

‘The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it’.  Plutarch


6 thoughts on “Life is but a moment in time

  1. No matter how much I manage to squeeze within a day I somehow always end up complaining about not having time for the “important things”. There just won’t be enough time for me to read the number of books I want to, to watch the number of movies I want to and to indulge whenever I want to!

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  3. How true this is. I get mad at myself all the time for misusing or wasting my time on silly little things. Yet when I really get into something I love, time goes by much too fast. Unfortunately, time is not on our side – ever – not even when we think it is. So take advantage of it as much as possible and don’t let those precious moments slip away.

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