Chilling at the airport

Call me crazy but I love going to the airport early so that I can just hang out.

I love wandering around the news agents, choosing magazines for the flight that I wouldn’t usually read (and paying an obscene amount of money for them).

I love just sitting and watching fellow travellers, dreaming up what their story is – where they are off to, why, witnessing the goodbyes and the hello’s!

And I just love the feeling of peace that comes over me – having the time to just sit and read, or sleep, or watch a movie. That is combined with the feeling that I am going somewhere on a plane for an adventure, away from the pressures of everyday life.

I can’t wait to get there today – well – 9pm tonight. It’s only 9am at the moment. WAY to early to go yet : (

4 thoughts on “Chilling at the airport

  1. I dunno chick….. if you were into bird watching (big white bellied birds with engines that roar) you could certainly spend 12 hours in raptures at the airport before we fly out…. I’ll take you up to the Observation Deck at Melbourne if you like.. :0)

  2. Seems like we’re two of a kind. I had the best time recently in San Francisco airport, walking all over, crowd watching, eating, reading, and visiting shops. Spent 5 hours there. Must be bonkers but …

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