Why Blog?

Why blog? Good question.

I initially took up blogging to try to get back into writing, and to see if I was actually any good (at writing and blogging). It was a test to push my own boundaries and see what I could achieve, as I was stuck in a rut to be honest.

My aim was to write, to try to have a bit of fun, and to share my experiences in the hope that in doing so I could help just one person. Pretty simple. I didn’t expect to get many readers. In fact, I was told I wouldn’t.

I started blogging on a website called Emergen (at the time it was called yGen Club – it’s a community that was created to give young professionals the knowledge, skills and connections to stand out from the crowd) ) mid-2010. Thinking back to my first post, I was terrified to press the ‘publish’ button, and when I did I found myself stressing about getting negative feedback, or worse – having no one read my posts! But, there was no reason to worry, as I couldn’t have found a more supportive bunch of people, who were open to ideas and concepts (or at times ramblings).

So after a few months of blogging on Emergen, I thought to myself ‘Why not take the plunge and start my own blog?’

Hesitantly – I registered with WordPress (after painstakingly trying to come up with a name for my blog!). And then there was no looking back.

I was lucky enough to kick off my own blog when ProBlogger was running a free ‘Intro to Blogging’ online course. This provided me with a wealth of info, and convinced me to straight away register my domain name (so instead of having a .com/wordpress address I have a .com). I haven’t taken the next step of getting my site hosted though – I have to take some things slowly!

I then somehow stumbled on the Groups facility in LinkedIn. Having only been on LinkedIn for a few months, I had discovered some groups related to Blogging and writing. So I took the plunge and joined. Initially, I was freaked out as all of the members looked so professional. They blogged about marketing, logo design, freelancing, using social media to promote your business, blogging as a career, and so forth. I had no business. I had no product. I was only just starting to blog. I just had me. But they welcomed me with open arms – and have been excellent teachers and support from all over the world. Special thanks to Keyuri Joshi, Susan Oakes, Rosanne Dingli and Patricia Weber to name but a few.

I’m now incredibly active on Twitter, and have connected with many more inspiring and informative people. I’ve also made many new friends (although I’ve never met them). Thanks to one of the people I have ‘met’ (Hajra – check out her awesome blog!) I now have a Facebook page for my blog, and have joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The Ultimate Blog Challenge is a challenge to blog every day for the month of January (If I achieve January – I’ll continue into February and so forth). From there, I’ve joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge Facebook group, and made more friends who are really supportive. We comment on each others blogs, or offer support when struggling with writer’s block, or personal issues. As a side challenge, I’ve also taken on WordPress’s challenge to ‘Post every day in 2011.’ Let’s see how we go with that one!

At times I feel like I’m on this out of control train, which is heading faster and faster to somewhere…I just have no idea where it is going. I just know, that as every day goes on, I hold no regrets on pushing that button to publish my first blog post.

Questions to the bloggers out there:

  • What made you start?
  • Why do you blog?
  • What do you enjoy about it?

And if you don’t blog –

  • Have you ever thought about giving it a shot?
  • Is there anything that is stopping you?

32 thoughts on “Why Blog?

    • That’s exactly what I am enjoying, especially since I forced myself to commit to ‘challenges’ – I think I need that carrot in order to get me into the routine (and its working!).

  1. Yippee! Thanks a load for mentioning me!

    I started blogging when I was unemployed and people around me forced me into pursuing my love for writing. Though I hadn’t given much thought to the platform and all, I figure once I have a particular niche…I might make it more professional. At the moment I am pretty happy with my blog!

    Though I am too lazy to join the challenge thing!

    Good Luck to you!

    • Penelope, Good question. It is definitely working for me as I am now writing pretty much every day, which was my original intention, and it is a thousand times easier than it was as I really struggled when I started. I also now find myself thinking of many things to write about every day – either in a blog, or over the last few days as my possible book! It is strange, surreal and amazing to experience as I had always wanted this feeling and finally have it WITH ideas.

      As to whether it works for my readers, I’d like to hope so, but always open for feedback. I know the people who have been with me from the start through the various forums are so supportive and give me great feedback. It’s fantastic to have such a great network (as they all blog too). It is also showing in the statistics as this week has been the highest week for this blog, and for January since joining the daily challenge the hits have actually quadrupled! I don’t know what to say!

      Of course it’s kind of like an art form which you continually hone, I presume, – some posts just work, and some fizzle!

  2. It is quite funny: I work in project Management too. Just started blogging as a new year’s resolution. I like it, because it keeps me focused and it makes my life that little bit more enjoyablle.
    Keep blogging…

  3. I just felt the urge to answer your question. I just started blogging last November. Back when I was still a student, I used to write essays, just for the sake of expressing my thoughts. Just the same with my blogs, I wanted to share what I have in mind and it also serves as a diversion, a stress reliever 🙂

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  5. I started blogging to build my personal brand. By creating content I can repackage and repurpose it in other ways. I also did it to begin to meet like minded people. I enjoy sharing my ideas and receiving feedback from others.


  6. What I enjoy the most about your style of writing, Janine, is how your voice is clearly heard in your posts. You have a friendly and very approachable style that makes me want to share with others. I started blogging back in 2007 when I felt I wasn’t drawing enough for fun. As a designer and illustrator, I get paid to do what I love, but often I don’t get to do what I love because I’m so busy. So I sketched once a day and shared it. Eventually the blog evolved and I began sharing my experiences in the design industry and lending advice and knowledge to the creative community and those who have no idea were out there designing the many things that are sitting in there offices or homes. I love that I have a creative outlet, but What I enjoy most is meeting new people like yourself. As you know we’re part of the same blogger group on linkedin and it’s been my pleasure to meet you and everyone else in our group. I’ve been told I’ve helped them and I know they’ve helped me, so that is very satisfying.

    • Amazing and inspiring story Dennis! I’m hoping my partner takes a page out of your book one day and starts sharing his sketches like you do! He took the bog step of getting a second-hand drafting table yesterday and I’m secretly so proud to see him – every day – finally letting his creativity out. It’s such a wonderful thing.

      What I think is amazing about our group is how positive and supportive it is – even when being constructive. I’ve never felt like a member of a community like I have since I started blogging. Ahhhh.

  7. Janine, I love your writing style – it is real, fresh, genuine – those are the types of posts I am drawn to. Even when it comes to the more “technical” topics you refer to, those that include the human/personal element, are, in my opinion, more enjoyable to read 🙂

  8. Thanks for the mention. I love this post as it reflects your initiative and productive journey in blogging. Good luck in your daily blogging goal.

    Hmm… I started blogging to share “parenting food for thought” as a means to inspire parents to think outside the box, and to gain new ways that they could enrich their parenting journeys. What I love about it is that several parents (including several clients) have shared that the blog posts have influenced their families positiviely. What a win win!

  9. From what I can see, you’re off to quite the roaring start. My only advice would be to pace yourself and avoid the tendency to focus so much on the social aspects that you forget about having fun. You certainly appear to have no problem developing your thoughts into words, just be careful not to use them all up too fast.

    I started blogging mainly to have some fun and work the kinks out of my long dormant web skills. I’ve gradually added more and more of my freelancing aspect until my focus has changed to reflect that almost entirely. I’ve yet to completely shift towards shilling myself, but as the cupboards become bare and the bills pile up I suspect I’ll find a lot more motiviation to do so in the near future;)

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ll be pulling back shortly to strike more of a balance (esp since moving into a new job). Strangely enough I have a growing list of things to blog about – I just prefer to write about things when I feel the urge – not just a half-hearted attempt to get something posted.

  10. Hi Janine,

    I also really like your style as it is very honest and you communicate well. Thanks for the mention and it is great you joined the group.

    As a suggestion, enjoy your time in Melbourne and relax and you will come back refreshed with this blog and your new job.

  11. Hi Janine: great post! I actually started blogging for purely commercial reasons — I added a blog to my larger website as a way to increase traffic to the site. And it works! The unexpected icing on the cake is that it gives me an outlet to try some different ways of writing. In addition to my Mon, Wed, & Fri posts, I have just started a Saturday post on my blog, with much more of a soft focus, story feel to it — I enjoyed doing the research and writing for my first one so much that I’m setting out to do a year’s worth of Saturday posts to maybe turn into a gift book in my niche! Blogging is a gateway to whatever you want it to be.

  12. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who really knows what theyre speaking about on the internet. You definitely know the right way to deliver a problem to light and make it important. More people have to learn this and perceive this facet of the story. I cant consider youre not more standard because you positively have the gift.

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