What right does anyone have to act like they are better than someone else?

It really frustrates me to see ego-centric people with superiority complexes treating others like sub-par human beings. What right does anyone have to act like they are better than someone else?

I know that it’s completely naive to believe that everyone should be treated equally and with respect, no matter what their financial status, culture, background, eduction, IQ, gender, skin colour, hair colour,  nationality, and so on, is. But it’s RIGHT. I am sick of seeing people treated badly, discriminated against, bullied, criticised. It needs to stop.

I’ve been so fired up by this over the last year that I’ve found myself sticking up for the ‘under dog’, since they haven’t been in a position to stick up for themselves. It just hasn’t done me any favours as its then tended to direct the attention onto myself. And now I’m even more frustrated. It’s just so difficult sticking up for what you believe in sometimes. But I’m not going to stop.

9 thoughts on “What right does anyone have to act like they are better than someone else?

  1. Hi hun, your post reflected how I felt last two days. Emotionally drained by some nasty remarks I got earlier in the week. Good on ya for standing up for your convictions and for others rigths. We need more people ready to stand up for justice and fairness and RESPECT for all. Take care

    • Sigh. What is it with this week? I felt like things were getting better but it’s like we have to keep fighting. It makes us stronger but I agree it’s exhausting. I’m so fatigued I want to cry!

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  3. Standing up for the underdog…I have done that when in college and it lead to weird consequences. However get happiness in the fact that the “underdogs” will always remember you as the “most wonderful person”..

    As for the others…you can’t change people but you can certainly make them feel guilty! 🙂

  4. I think that when individuals exercise their egos in a way that humiliates others, it is more about their own deficiency that they are compensating for. These people, though frustrating, are deserving of our pity.
    How can you change your anger and frustration over to emotions that don’t deplete you?

  5. I agree with Keyuri. Usually I find they actually are not comfortable in their own skin and not as self confident as they appear. Also some just do it for attention and get people to bite

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