What do you do to relax?

In an effort to relax this weekend after a few weeks of what I would call vicious headaches and migraines, I’ve done the following:

  • Friday night I stopped by the pub with the man and his friends after work, and drank a few glasses of champagne in celebration of my impending last day at work, and on arriving home, ate curry and watched ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World‘. After the fast paced start of the film, my brain finally caught up and I thoroughly enjoyed the colourful video game / comic-book style feast for my eyes and imagination. The whole concept of being able to start something again – like in a video game where you have a number of lives (even though pure fantasy) was an idea that took my mind off on many tangents.
  • Saturday was an alcohol free day, as planned, but that was about all that went to plan – after discovering a hoard of moths and their spawn having infiltrated the pantry. The afternoon was spent thoroughly cleaning, sweeping, spraying, painting, tossing ruined or suspect food into the garbage, and then taking turns as look out for any we may have missed. Okay – that wasn’t exactly restful, but then I rubbed tiger balm into my neck and shoulders, had a lovely nanna nap, woke up finding the migraine had actually eased (finally!), gorged myself on Mexican food, and sat down with Denis and the kiddies to watch ‘Toy Story 3′. I don’t know what it is about cartoons – especially the Toy Story trilogy. It never fails to cheer me up, relax me, make me laugh and cause me to shed a tear or two. This is especially the case with Toy Story 3, of which I hadn’t seen before. I loved it, but cried. That will be one for the dvd collection.
  • Today I had intended to sleep in, but the neighbours again broke the unspoken rule of not allowing the kids outside to make a racket before 9.00am on a Sunday morning – so the sleep in didn’t happen. BUT I did get up and make a pot of English Breakfast tea! I always forget the pot is in the cupboard, and that we have tea leaves. Thanks to the moths, I found these in the cupboard, unspoilt. Lovely way to start the day. This was followed by the man taking us all to the movies to see ‘Yogi Bear‘. Yes, the reviews were average, but I laughed and laughed (louder than the kids in the audience) and had a great time. I never knew I loved yogi bear so much. From now on I will only ever say pic-i-nic as yogi does. And Boo Boo is just the cutest : ) I’m ending today – Sunday evening – in an attempt to not have the Sunday arvo blues – and am meeting a friend at a nice pub for a catch up and a drink. Hopefully this will then enable me not to dread Monday morning so much, and sleep well.

Have you managed to get in some R&R this weekend, and if so how?

If not, how do YOU relax?

2 thoughts on “What do you do to relax?

  1. Your posts always lights up a smile on my face…

    Well, relaxing for me has to be about movies…Get hold of at least five movies, watch them non stop…
    Or I get hold of a good book…I never seem to tire of them!

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