The mysterious universe

So, I just wrote a whole post about how mysterious the universe is, and how unusual my life it right now…and then the WordPress auto save – which ALWAYS works and auto saves, didn’t work, soooooo it seems that I have lost everything that I just wrote.

Such a shame.  Or maybe it was the universe talking?


8 thoughts on “The mysterious universe

  1. Oh no!!! One of my biggest fears, then again I have learned the hard way in the past to just expect these types of things to happen to me.

    I did have the advice some time ago to always write my postings in Pages on my Mac, then post online that way I can make sure that doesn’t happen. Then again, I still rarely follow that suggestion! : )

    Hope you are able to move forward, I always enjoy your postings!


  2. I have lost written work before but usually it is a comment on a post. Often, you can recreate it or actually write it better. I tend to write my posts in Word. Then, I cut and paste them into WordPress. As soon as you are doing these activities you need to save the draft and keep saving as you update.

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