The Beauty of Resignation

I resigned from my job today.

It feels good. I feel lighter. I feel like I can breathe easier. I also feel bloody exhausted. It’s 7.00pm on a Friday night and I am seriously contemplating going to bed. If only it wasn’t still light out.

I do need to remember to remind myself that I went through this for a reason. I’ve been in this job for just over a year and a half. I shouldn’t have stayed there that long as I haven’t been happy there for a while. But, in life, things happen, and sometimes you just have to suck it up and do things or be places that you don’t want to be.

I brought a house last year and took on a mortgage, so I couldn’t just job hop, or be unemployed for a bit. That was followed by 5 interest rate rises in the space of about a year. That was pleasant. So I needed to stay where I was to pay the increased mortgage payments.

My Nan got real sick and passed away in April last year. That was a hard one. They say never change jobs at a stressful time in life, so I didn’t. The last thing I could focus on was getting a new job. I actually nearly had one – but I couldn’t go through with it as I just wasn’t mentally prepared, and had to allow myself time to grieve.

I also had to go to the UK for my dear friends wedding. I was bridesmaid. So I needed to be able to take a good 4 weeks off work, and get paid for the leave. I also needed to stay in a job to save money for the trip. The job actually allowed me to salary sacrifice a component of my wage, which really helped the savings.

My partner – well he had a ‘health scare’ – and quit smoking. That was a hard one after Nan died. Hearing that he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, possible diabetes, and then the reaction his body had to the smoking medication and the statins – well, I was scared, whilst trying to support him.

I also started and completed a 6 month Leadership Program, which resulted in me taking up some volunteering work, blogging, and so on.

So the job has actually provided me with the perfect opportunity to deal with life and personal development. It has also taught me a lot about people. Some good, some bad, and a whole lot of ugly.

NEVER again. Life is way too short.

11 thoughts on “The Beauty of Resignation

    • Thank you. You are always so supportive.

      Good question. Definitely going to focus on writing more, and sharing and helping others – I need that people connection. I’ve also tossed up freelancing in my mind. We will see…

  1. Wow! Reading your posting this morning reminded me so much of situations I have found myself in the past. I too have often kept jobs because of my “situations” at the time and when they have ended either thru my leaving for another job, or in recent cases layoffs, the end result has always been better.

    I think its great that you have turned the negatives of the recent job into positives that allowed you to deal with personal things when you needed to! A great way to look at it since past is past.

    All the best for your success, you will achieve it I am sure!


  2. Wow, so brave! It is hard to leave a job even when you hate it, because the security it provides but I know first hand that it’s not worth it. I’m so glad now to be in a job I enjoy, with people I actually like. Best of luck to your next adventure!!!

  3. Must say I am impressed it only took you a year and a half, my blogging friend, to remember your priorities. I actually stayed in a corporate job that never quite fit for SEVEN sad years before bailing out. Looking forward to hearing your stories of growth and success.

    • Ahah – well funny story. I actually went to this job after leaving a company I was with for almost 10 years on and off…and I thought I was moving to something better – or at least transitioning. At least I remembered I was transitioning and got myself out of this one hehe.
      Fingers crossed for the future.

  4. Good for you, Janine for having the courage to get up and go. Many people out here in the states are suffering through their boss’ tantrums and putting up with it for fear of losing their job. But life goes on as always and you’re living it.

  5. You are a strong and courageous woman Janine. Sounds like you listen to your mind, your heart and your body. They say that every time one door closes another opens. Best wishes for a better 2011.

    • Thank you Sherryl. The strength comes and goes at the moment but I think that’s just the fatigue talking. I’m really looking forward to what this year will deliver – whatever that may be. It feels positive.

  6. Hi, be glad you resigned! I’m sitting here 8 years later and resign is all I can think of. This job has sucked the life out of me. I can do nothing that this job doesn’t spoil. Not resigning is my fault, I have my reasons, biggest is I’ll never be able to get another job, age prevents that. At least for the money I make and MONEY is always the BIG KAHUNA!!!!! I want out of this hell more than anyone can know. I work with very mean people, ugly backstabbing people. It is not easy to not become one of them and I guess they consider me the same as them. However, I also know they want me gone and will do anything to make that happen — so I will give them that little gift and leave. Don’t know how I will survive exactly but I will and probably enjoy life a whole lot more. Good luck to everyone I read about, I pray for you all and pray for myself as well.

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