The Passion for Travel vs ‘Settling Down’

I love to travel. It always has been my number one passion.
I was encouraged to travel early on by my Granddad, who bless his soul, brought me up on tales of his travels during the war, his immigration from England to Australia via ship with the family, and he’s numerous tours around Australia with Nan, their dog and the occasional  crocodile. On the other hand there was my Nan and Mum, who constantly told me that we had ‘gypsy’ blood in us, and that was why we could never rest, always looking for the next place to move to. By the time I was 24 I had lived in over 18 houses and quite a few towns. In a way, I had become addicted to the constant moving, half the time not bothering to unpack all the boxes in anticipation of the next move. I moved houses, then suburbs, and then travelled overseas, even living and working in the UK. Soon, every time I came ‘home’ to Australia and remained in one spot, I became miserable. That’s when I had to plan my next adventure. Singapore. Back to Europe. Hawaii. Sydney. Vanuatu. There was no rest.  I’d work, save up all my leave, then take time off and travel. Then come back and work, save up my leave, and take time off and travel. I was a restless spirit.
And then last year I bought a house – shock horror! I think it was one of the most stressful things I had ever done. I had anxiety attacks and sleepless nights. What was I doing? I loved renting. I loved moving. I wanted to live anywhere but here. I wanted to live overseas! I wanted to be a travelling nomad. My dream of being a travel writer was dead and buried under a pile of bricks and mortar and debt. Buying a house, committing to a mortgage – I would never be free again!

Obviously, I really blew things out of proportion as it has not been all that bad. I actually love having my own place. The palm trees and Japanese garden in the back yard might help by giving me a feeling that I am somewhere else.There are no more rent inspections. I don’t have to put up with constant rent rises or being told I can’t allow my dog inside the house (seriously – she’s cleaner than some humans!). I can paint the walls any colour under the sun, or ‘fantasy renovate’ (my term for planning amazing renovations with no money i.e. a fantasy that may never happen – one can dream!).  And funnily enough, I’ve never felt more rested and at peace (or, as some people would say – ‘settled’).
And the bonus is, I’ve still been able to travel. I went back to the UK and Singapore last year, and am busy dreaming up my next adventures (Melbourne being one of them – I should really see more of my own country!). I don’t know what I was worried about!

7 thoughts on “The Passion for Travel vs ‘Settling Down’

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  2. I bought my house 2 years ago and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out, being tied down. I want to travel but with the mortgage, I haven’t been able to. Maybe someday. I am glad to have my “own” place but sometimes I miss the freedom of picking up and taking off. Not that I really did that much BEFORE my house, but at least I could if I had wanted to. lol

  3. I can totally relate to this post. I too, have a passion for travel. My dad was in the military, so we moved on average of every 1.5 to 2 years until I was 13. We lived in France, Germany and several states in the U.S. I was born in Texas, but graduated from high school in Kansas. It was strange to put roots down and I wasn’t thrilled about the idea. It took me a while to learn to enjoy it, but I did. I’ve lived in the same city for the past 25 years now, but I get to travel when I want, instead of pulling up roots and moving around every two years! I like that much better — ☺

    • Having a permanent base to come back to is definately wonderful (unexpected!). It’s an added bonus to actually be able to accumulate nice things (like appliances) without having to worry about getting rid of them, or just getting by on crappy things in the hope of travelling again.

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