My baby went to hospital today

Man its been a stressful day! And this time it’s not work related.

It’s because my baby (the white fluff-ball called Kahlua) underwent an operation.

I played it cool, calm and collected after seeing the vet yesterday afternoon – being told that they would need to operate to remove some ‘fatty lumps’. ‘We are 90% sure it’s not cancerous‘.  Heartening, yes. But I’ve heard that line before – and they always ended up cancerous.

I slept so badly last night – probably subconsciously worrying about her being cut open today. I can’t help it. She’s my baby girl. We’ve been together for nearly 10 years, and she’s been with me through it all. The highs and lows of relationships, break-ups, happiness, stress, depression and death. She is the most important thing in my life. It’s natural.

I’ve been told a few times lately, by a few people, that she’s ‘getting on now and you should really prepare yourself that she is not going to be around forever.’  I know. I’m not stupid. And I know I will be an absolute mess when it happens, but I’ll cross that path when I get to it.

Anyway, she’s okay. The ‘fatty lumps’ were just that. It’s something dogs get when they age. It was just unfortunate where they were located on her little body – if she was a human it would be under the arm pit. She woke up from the anaesthetic well, and I was allowed to bring her home this afternoon. She has a whole load of stitches in her side and a drainage tube – which is a bit freaky. Plus she has the bucket on her head. She’s really a pretty healthy dog ‘for her age’ – thank goodness.

She’s the one who’s distressed now. She’s sitting right by my side at the moment, snuggled into my leg. I’m sitting on the floor boards typing this, in an effort to keep her calm. At  least her breathing has settled and she’s lying down on her cushion now. It’s got to feel so weird when you have no concept of what has happened, why you are in pain or why you have a stupid bucket around your head.


4 thoughts on “My baby went to hospital today

  1. *sending warm fuzzies to Kahlua* Little dogs are determined to live forever, so I’m sure she’ll be back in good shape in no time. My baby boy lived for over 15 years with a collapsed trachea and enlarged heart.

    • She got her stitches out yesterday morning thank goodness. She got an infection after the op in her rear end which ended up being worse than the effects from the op.
      Thanks for the thoughts!

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