What Makes You Smile?

You know. Those times when you just can’t wipe that stupid grin off your face. Or the times when you catch something out of the corner of your eye, and it amuses you. Or the times when you are enraptured by someone, or something, and you are carried away to a whole other plane of happiness.

Kahlua et moi

I know what makes me smile.

Walking in the front door after a long, hard days work, I’m greeted by my little bundle of joyful fluff (my dog).  Or when I’m getting ready for work in the morning and she’s decided to claim my partners spot on the bed, exposing her belly, and feigning sleep.  There is not a moment that she doesn’t make me smile.

And then there is my 2-year-old red-headed niece Charlotte. I think she is the most beautiful child in the world, and I an enraptured by her.  I was lucky enough to spend some of New Years eve with her, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of her hugs, body slams, and little heart-tugging pleas to ‘come play’ or ‘chase!’. I could not resist.  I was born to be an Aunty.

I’d love to hear what makes you smile?


15 thoughts on “What Makes You Smile?

  1. My son makes me smile, my four cats when they are not all seeking attention at once.

    My new laptop as it is a sign that I have finally made it as an internet consultant who gets to work from home

    My car cause it gets great gas mileage

    My special male friend

    Lots to make me smile this year yup yup

  2. My nephew and niece!!! Being an Aunt is the most beautiful thing ever…

    other thing that puts a smile on my face…. my mom’s food…she is a fantastic cook!

    Hoping 2011 is a year that gives us many reasons to smile!

  3. My friends never fail to keep me amused, my huge, goofy family (nearly all of whom are red heads lol), my enormous cat Henrietta, the old slapstick comedies, waking up in the morning and realizing I’m still alive…. haha. I could go on forever with things that make me smile on a daily basis.

  4. Hi Janine. I have my own little white fur ball that makes me smile. I see her watching for me from her throne by the front window, tail wagging, waiting for me to get inside. Once inside she is so incredibly happy to see me – even if I have only been gone for 5 minutes LOL. There is a reason they say “dog is man’s best friend”. 🙂

    I also smile when I see things “click” or “work” for my clients. When we get to that “aha” moment where I know what I have offered is giving them the value they are looking for!

    • So true. I left my baby at the vet today so I will be so glad to get home and hopefully bring her home this afternoon!

      It’s fantastic that what you do as a career makes you smile.

  5. ‘He’ always make me smile just by being there. Now im looking for something/someone that could do the same.

    I miss you and Kahlua! Hugs and kisses! 🙂

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