Sundayitis on a Monday

After a pleasant few days off, and some glorious short working weeks thanks to Christmas and New Years, it’s back to work tomorrow for me.

I feel sick, and I have butterflies in my stomach, or are they large birds? I’m starting to feel anxious, and I want to throw up. I also want to pee heaps, as my bladder wants to do that when I’m anxious, or nervous, or stressed.

It’s 1.20pm.  It’s not even night-time yet, and my ‘Sundayitis’ has already kicked in.  This is not good.

I guess this pretty much answers any questions I had about what I need/want to do this year. It’s pretty obvious when you start getting physical symptoms of dread.

So I really better stop procrastinating and get back to writing up that selection criteria I’ve tried to complete for a few days! Ah – selection criteria.



6 thoughts on “Sundayitis on a Monday

  1. I hear you Janine! When this happened to me I chucked in the job and started my own business. Its been a hard slog and the $$ are no where near where they were when I had a job (yet!) but I wake up each morning motivated and happy and raring to go!

    • That’s a big question Keyuri!

      First things first leave my job, and focus more on my passions in my life.

      I need to find something to support me whilst I develop my writing but not be pushed into something that others think I am good for, and that I don’t really want to do – but I’ll do just for the money (to pay the mortgage) : )

      My task for the next week or so is to really focus again on what my goals are in line with my core values.

  2. What exciting journey you’re on, Janine. Thanks for the kind words. I wish you the very best on your blog challenge. I’ll pop in as often as I can so keep posting and keep posting in the bloggers group forum. 🙂

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