Whatever you do on New Years, you will do for the rest of the year

They say that whatever you find yourself doing on New Years Day, that’s what will set the tone for the rest of the year.  Who ‘they’ are, well – I’m not sure.  I do get told this every year though.

And going by what I did today, it’s looking pretty good.  I didn’t have a bad hangover and I ate a hearty breakfast.  This was then followed by some shopping, and then some relaxing.  Of course, I’m also now blogging, so it’s looking good!

I figure that as long as I can keep the spending in check, it’s going to be a fantabulous 2011!

Now tell me, what did you get up to today (or for those in the other hemisphere, what have you got planned?).

15 thoughts on “Whatever you do on New Years, you will do for the rest of the year

  1. I love this sentiment, Janine. I’m not sure I’ve heard it before, but know it intuitively. Last night I chose not to go to a party for the midnight celebration, but instead read the first two chapters of The Artist’s Way and spent some time by myself. This morning I wrote morning pages (3 pages of brain dump) as prescribed by the Artist’s Way program. I will do laundry and clean the house to start fresh with the new year, and start thinking about how I can make an Artist’s Way group happen here in Madison and/or remotely. I’m inspired and a bit scared since this is NOT what I imagined for 2011 until a couple of days ago!

    • It’s very exciting Brenda! It’s weird how everything changes. I too have felt this sudden change in the last few days, starting with stumbling upon a job I have decided to apply for which is scary, daunting, exciting. Fingers crossed! And then deciding to take up some daily blogging challenges for 2011, so as to really get down to ‘writing’.
      Oh am I am very interested in the Artist’s Way group…although I am in Australia!
      Good luck to you – I’ll respond to some of your stuff on LI shortly (although I’m meant to be doing my selection criteria for the job!).

  2. Oh Yes…I did go by this…I had a great, fun time on the first day of 2010…but 2010 was such a lousy year…so this year I decided to take it easy.

    Family fun time with parents, a little bit of shopping, good food, reading a good book..here’s hoping this saying comes true this year!

  3. I never heard this saying before but I like it. Looks like I am going to have a busy year based on that. Today I was up late as I worked until 2am so other people could party. I caught a bit of the Rose parade before I got to work doing some blogging and correspondance. Before the sun went down I did some shopping and took a few photos of the setting sun (pretty). Home to make a light dinner and chat with some long distance friends before a little commenting on other folks blogs. (fun) Back to work tomorrow.

  4. Having worked as a bartender for 8 years, I never party on (as the those in the service industry call it) “amateur nite” (St. Patrick’s, New Year’s, etc) And although I loved tending bar and the money I made while trying to get through graduate school, I hate the memories of those night; crowds, kicking out drunks, cleaning up barf, etc. aargh. Now I just hang out with my family, maybe call my mom and siblings. I do my NY resolutions the first week of December, so I don’t have it hanging on me like the “ghosts of Xmas past.” My New Year’s resolution, believe it or not was cleaning my staircase! Looks great, with Xmas decorations entwined through the banister…plus the ULtimate Blog Challenge. However, my 2010 decade resolution has to be traveling “down under.” I spent some time in NZ a few years back and it was paradise!! Would love to do a “house-exchange” in either NZ or Australia, take my hubby…somewhere near the ocean. Well I’ve written enough for a post…maybe I’ll cut and paste unto my site?..LOL

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  6. I got up to a nice breakfast with my wife and overall laziness. Then later we went to some friend’s house and watched a fight and ate some good food. It was fun and relaxing which is a welcomed environment. I guess I’m looking good in 2011 according to you, Janine. 🙂

  7. Oh no Nean…. it will come as absolutely no surprise to you that I got home late from Lorrae’s NYE party, slept in until mid-morning, and then proceeded to sit around in my pyjamas all day playing (wait for it) World of Warcraft… is this really what the rest of my year holds? Not that I’m complaining (you know I love my WoW), but really, all year? Hehehe…

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