I am not Wonder Woman…

I am not Wonder Woman. And I am not Super Woman.

I am not Wonder Woman

Okay, that’s an obvious statement, but that hasn’t stopped me acting like I was! Especially this year where I seemed to believe I was invincible. This year I have worked full-time, started writing again, started my blog, started blogging for another site, commenced volunteer work for 2 agencies, completed a 6 month leadership program in which we created a book, mentored and been mentored, travelled to the UK for a wedding, commenced looking for a new job, and visited Singapore, all whilst maintaining a house, relationships with my man, his kids, my dog, my family, my old friends, and my new friends, and my sanity. My health on the other hand…well.

I developed a niggling cough about 6 weeks ago, after a bought of gastro. No sore throat, no drippy nose, no fever. Just a cough and fatigue. The cough lingered for 4 weeks, taking on many variations. Dry. Tickl-y. Mucous-y. On the weekend before Christmas I sounded like a pack a day smoker. And then BAM! I woke up the next morning to glands larger than golf balls, and razor blades in my throat. That was when I realised I had better drag my ass to the doctor.

So, what’s the verdict?

It’s a ‘virus’. Yes, It’s always a ‘virus’. At least I was prescribed antibiotics. Now, I don’t generally condone the use of antibiotics, but I think my body needs all the help it can get at the moment.

And what have I learnt?

I think I need to remind myself I am actually human – regularly. Unfortunately, my body has had to do it for me this time round…

4 thoughts on “I am not Wonder Woman…

  1. Great post. You are in the company of many “Wonder Women”. We just need to remember to stop and take a deep breath once in a while. To recharge, relax and to get healthy; sadly the last person we usually take care of is ourselves.

    P.S. Found your blog from the Ultimate Blog Challenge Facebook page.

    • Thanks Vicki!
      Yes there are so many of us out there aren’t there!
      I think taking it one day at a time is best. So yesterday I did relax, and today, I slept in : ) Baby steps!

      Oooo thanks for telling you how you found me – that’s fab as I only found out about the Ultimate Blog Challenge yesterday!

  2. awww luv, you may not be Wonder Woman, but you know what – you’re a wonderful woman!
    loves you chick
    ps tell Chels that her drawing is great!

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