So much food, so little time

After a week and a half of Christmas celebrations and catch-ups, I am ready to boycott food!

The Weekend before Christmas

It all started with our road trip to see my Dad the weekend before Christmas. His partner is an amazing cook, and he’s not bad himself. We were welcomed with a barbecue – meat, meat and more meat, some champagne (beer for the boys), and a little salad. A lunch of gorgeous chicken rice followed the next day, with vinadaloo for dinner…mmmmm. Since the next day was Sunday, we had to honour Dad’s wishes of cooking us breakfast – so it was bacon, toast and eggs (fresh from the chicken coop), with tea.  I forgot how good fresh eggs tasted. Yummo!  Bypassing lunch, as our digestive systems were truly struggling with the intake of meat, we came to the reason we were there – to celebrate Christmas.  And this couldn’t be done without food – so we ate…turkey, veggies, gravy, and more champagne to celebrate of course.

Christmas Eve Eve

Rolling back home from Dad’s, we managed to eat lightly for a couple of days (although Denis did make his first attempt at glazing a ham – which turned out beautifully – damn him!) until Christmas Eve Eve was upon us.  This was when we celebrated Christmas with my partners kids (as we wouldn’t see them for Christmas), so he cooked up a lovely meal of gnocchi and salad – pasta is the kids favourite dish. Lucky for us Santa also visited us early that night!

Christmas Eve

I managed to escape any breakfast or lunch excesses on the 24th, surviving on a piece of toast and some left over gnocchi (which was a mistake, as my stomach reminded me for days!), and luckily avoided a huge dinner.  We had spent Christmas Eve with some of my partners family – where santa again visited, bless him – and fortunately had to leave before dinner was served.  The ham and salad sandwichI ate that night was welcomed by my stomach.

The 25th of December

All week I had tried to come to terms with the fact that we had to do both lunch AND dinner this year.  I had kept telling myself that this would make sure that I didn’t go too mad at lunch – I would pace myself. But Mum outdid herself as usual…chicken, turkey, pork, veggies, bread, gravy, trifle, pavlova, fruit mince pies, crisps, chocolate, cheese, crackers…to name but a few. Plus champagne.  I must give myself a pat on the back as I really didn’t go to mad at all. I was pleasantly content. And then dinner rolled around where we went to my Brothers house.  Roast beef! Plus pork, turkey, vegies, more gravy…but hold the champagne!  I managed a healthy sized serving (meaning nowhere near my typical sized serving), and sadly had to pass at the most gorgeous looking pavlova as I had to go back to Mum’s for – wait for it – pudding and custard.  Now that’s a tradition of Mum and I.  She always cooks me pudding and custard on Christmas night. Sometimes it seems like I am the only person in the world who east it, but it’s my little piece of comfort food that I have once a year.

The 26th of December

Boxing Day. Mum cooked us breakfast, and sent us on our way with a big bowl of trifle and a pack of fruit mince pies.  On all appearances driving home in the morning, it was the traditional ‘day of shopping’ for people in Perth, as cars were parked on median strips, verges, parks – everywhere. Luckily we got to avoid the shops, as we had more food to look forward to at my partners Uncles 70th birthday celebrations. Now, my partner is Anglo-Indian, and the typical food fare at his family gatherings is curry. I never actually ate curry before I starting going out with him, but I have discovered that it is truly addictive once you develop the palate.  I had planned not to eat at the party, but that was just plain stupid thinking.  On walking into his Aunt’s place, well, you could just smell the curry and biriani cooking. NOOOOOO.

The 27th of December

You would think by now that the celebrations would have ended, but we had been invited to an afternoon with some friends who had a pool, which turned out to be a fabulous idea since it was going to be 40 degrees celsius. Luckily I still fit into my bathing suit at this stage – and everyone was pretty much in the same boat – so it wasn’t too much of an embarrassment.  Some wonderful thinking by my friend, saw grilled vegetables served for dinner, with organic free range chicken, some prawns, bread, and corn on the cob.

The 28th of December

This brings me today. I feel like a beached whale, and have not even really been hungry, although I had to force myself to eat since I was giddy.  I must say that I’ve never relaxed so much at Christmas, diet wise, and it feels good (well – at the time). I’m back to work tomorrow which is probably a god send, as I will be distracted by work.

There’s only one problem…New Years celebrations are just around the corner!  It is at times like this I can see the benefit from living in a country where it is winter in December and January. At least it allows you to cover up all the excess blubber that you tend to put on over this period.


5 thoughts on “So much food, so little time

  1. Loved your posting and I could really relate to it, especially the last paragraphs.

    Having just relocated some 450 miles north from where I had lived for 21 years, the first thing I realized in these colder climates is how much they enjoy eating up here and how I am “supposed” to do so also.

    Having said that, I also realized that since you can cover up the weight with winter clothes, it makes it O.K.! Well at least until summer at which time I don’t know what I will do! ; )

    All the best!


      • Well to answer your question. After I read what I posted, I realized that though its cold outside now, summer won’t be too far away.

        With that being said, I got up off the sofa and went for a long walk. As they say, “no time like the present”, especially when it comes to health!

        Looking forward to your next post!


  2. Hard to type while you’re laughing! I saw so much of myself in this post, it was painful. Food is the original comforter, as far as I’m concerned, but I did have a moment of remorse after our annual Christmas open house when even a crowd of forty didn’t finish off all the food I’d prepared (added to what literally everyone who came in the door shared with us). I’m now allowing myself to be addicted to Wii Fit until the rolls and bunches come back off. Thanks for your honest epistle!

    • I think I am lucky then to no have held anything at my house! No temptations left in the fridge (apart from the chocolate and ham that never ends).

      Hehe and my plan too is to get into the WII – boxing cardio workout here I come!

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