Mid week slump

I’m having one of those weeks where I’m just struggling to get my ass out of bed in the morning to drag it all the way to work.

It doesn’t help that my partner and I seem to have developed a really bad habit.  You see we both have i-Phones, and he has a work Blackberry.  So I set the alarm on my i-Phone for 5.30am. He sets his Blackberry for 6.00am. Sometimes he even sets the alarm on his i-Phone.  At first when my alarm goes off – at the moment it’s the sounds of church bells – I press snooze.  10 minutes later, I press snooze, and 10 minutes later I press snooze, which is also when he presses snooze on his Blackberry.  Sometimes, between the two of us, we ‘snooze’ for an hour and a half.

I must add that our dog insists on waking us up to go to the toilet every morning between 5.00am and 6.00am.  It’s either the early morning bladder call, of which mine has now synchronised with, or it’s her need to chase those pesky giant neighbourhood cats that frequent our backyard – and her turf – all night (as none of our neighbours seem to believe in keeping their cats in at night – DON’T get me started there!). Not even that can keep us up and away from the snooze buttons…Ironically when we do finally get up in order to get ready to go to work, our dog takes her ‘rightful’ place on the bed in our place, until we tempt her outside with some breakfast biscuits.

We need to seriously break our habit.  Tomorrow I will attempt to leave my phone in the lounge-room with the alarm set, in the hope that I hear it in the morning and actually get up…and stay up!

4 thoughts on “Mid week slump

  1. I used to be addicted to the snooze button myself but I managed to break the habit by changing my alarm to the time I was actually getting up. Maybe as you reflect back on this past year, you’ll decide that snoozing isn’t actually the most restful way to sleep. 🙂

    • I totally agree Sherryl. It definately isn’t. Something for me to work on in the new year (I suspect if I change some of my personal situations it may be easier for me to jump out of bed in the morning!).

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