New-found appreciation for Twitter

Up until August this year, I had resisted all things Twitter.

I had way too many accounts for online things – I had suddenly gained 2 more email addresses due to joining some volunteer agencies, each coming with their own Google docs pages, and other various online tools such as Basecamp.  This was on top of my existing work and personal email accounts, obligatory Facebook account, LinkedIn account, and memberships to other online networking sites such as, of which I had taken up blogging for, and so forth.

I was drowning in a sea of social media.

As it happens, I took the plunge.  I signed up to get a Twitter account.  The main, and now I think of it – the ONLY reason I signed up was to meet one of the ‘criteria’ for the Young Women’s Leadership Program I was taking part in.  One of the 9 challenges we needed to complete was to set up our online profile – which included a Twitter account.

Now, I didn’t know much about Twitter.  I knew that Ashton Kutcher was a bit of a tweeter – posting pictures of his wife Demi Moore up for all the world to see.  I knew that a few Australian sports personalities had landed themselves into trouble from tweeting some not-so-well thought out ramblings (who shall remain nameless).  I basically knew what the ‘news media’ told me – and it just sounded trashy!

But, if my mentor was ‘into it’ then it couldn’t be that bad.  I mean, she is an amazingly respectable, intelligent, gorgeous woman and I just couldn’t imagine her recommending anything dodgy (shout out to Alicia Curtis).

Retrospect is a beautiful thing.  I actually don’t know what I was so worried about!  To be completely honest, I have been introduced to a new ‘world’, many new ways of thinking, and so many amazing organisations and people – who are all across the world.

What I have discovered is this:

  • Twitter is an amazing marketing tool, especially for a novice blogger like me.  I didn’t have much of a hope for a large amount of hits to my blog – if that’s what you call it – but it has already surpassed my expectations by far!
  • Twitter connects in with all the other applications – or they connect into it.  Whichever way it works.  Yes, I know that’s not amazing – as most applications do that these days, but it’s cool!
  • It’s a great tool for spreading social awareness.  Since joining twitter I’ve learnt that 1 in 3 women across the world will experience violence in their lifetime (stats from the WHO) and I’ve been able to blog with other bloggers for World Kindness Day (thanks to Bloggers Unite – stats from the WHO).  I’ve also been able to learn by connecting with Amnesty International, and other organisations which seemingly remove the crap and the fluff that is on the news every night and say it how it is. Mainly, it’s confirmed for me our problems are worldwide – not localised – and we need to stand up and WORK TOGETHER;
  • I have ‘met’ some amazing people, who are creative and open-minded, have inspired and helped me in ways I cannot explain…and now we see the Twitter relationships flowing over into LinkedIn, supporting each others endeavours in blogging, art, marketing, etc (Dennis Salvatier, Susan Oakes;
  • I’ve learnt how to use Twitter (thanks mostly to info and retweets from @zerocl), and other things – some useful, some useless (but entertaining).

There’s a raft of other things I have learnt, and am still to learn.

As a final thought, I must say, I am extremely grateful for retweets, as every day I stumble upon articles and info so much so that I feel like I am in a constant state of learning, and I LOVE it!


11 thoughts on “New-found appreciation for Twitter

  1. Hi! Well done on taking the plunge!

    I was really into Twitter for a while. I got a “tweetdeck” and was on it whenever I had time. However I lost interest as it seemed impossible really keep up and read tweets.

    I recently talked to a friend who re-interested me in the art. He said that many really benefited from it and that a business can do very well.

    I’m still not clear on the strategy to make Twitter work.

    I really like LI and have recently become enamored with Facebook. They each have their purposes. I just have to figure out Twitter!

    Good luck with your adventure and well done for giving it a good go!

  2. Congratulations on taking the plunge! I notice that you are hosting with your own domain name. So, kudos to you for that too! Lots of people who start blogging are tempted to take the free hosting and blog under someone else s domain but you’re starting right out building your brand.

    I commend you for tweeting also. I drive quite a bit of traffic to my blog by tweeting. I was going to follow you but I couldn’t find your twitter ID. When you’re feeling brave, you may want to install a WordPress plugin for Twitter. Meanwhile, if you follow me @keepupweb, I’ll return the favor and follow you.

    Happy blogging!

    • Thanks for the support Sherryl! I have ProBlogger to thank for putting me onto registering the domain, etc. as they ran a free into. to blogging course (online) about 2 months back and it really helped with my understanding and in making a decision of many of these things. I did have someone suggest to me the other day to register a few domain names (i.e., etc.), which would work towards building up my brand (with the idea when I make the decision on where I want to take this – which I feel is a lot closer today – I have it covered from a professional branding persective). Any thoughts?

      I must admit I only realised yesterday I didn’t have my Twitter ID posted in my WordPress profile, so I fixed that up yesterday, but good idea aksi about the follow me ‘button’ as I’ve noticed it on others blog sites and completely didn’t even think of it for myself! I’ll follow you on twitter shortly!

  3. It’s just going to keep getting better Janine. I’ve had the same experience that you’re having. In just a little under a year twitter has changed so much for me. Thanks for the mention and good luck with everything!

  4. I’m relatively new to Twitter, too, and have found it to be an INCREDIBLY useful tool for getting traffic to a blog! That’s how I came to yours. And it’s my #1 traffic source.

    In short… I love Twitter now. I’m a true convert.

    And if you’ve got any blogging questions (I noticed in your comment that you’re still relatively new), let me know and I’d be happy to help!

    • Hello and wow! Love Twitter more!

      Thanks for the offer – I have so many questions I have no idea where to start!

      I have the start of a dream to be creating something for myself so that I no longer have to work where I work – hopefully I find what that is through what I am doing as it feels good and right…but that is going to be a plan in the making!

      What made you start blogging?

  5. Hi Janine,

    Thank you for the mention and I am glad you took the plunge. Like the others have said it does drive traffic and together with blogs I find they work well together especially connecting with others in different countries and time zones.

    What I have also found is that the online relationships are often taken offline for more indepth discussions etc.

    Now of to RT this post of yours.

  6. Your post gave me pause to think, how LONG have I been on Twitter? I’ve attracted clients, raving fans, blog followers, friends. It’s a decent social media place. As an introvert, I have little interest in following celebrities – I can’t relate to most of them nor do I feel they relate to me.

    So congratulations for joining Twitter.

    By the way, LinkedIn is as terrific for networking. That IS how I found you!

  7. Great post Janine. I find that I gravitate towards those posts where the author is speaking to me rather than at me – much more personal and in my opinion, more effective. Yours is now one of them 🙂

    I am a little like Laura in that I am still trying to find that magic switch that will go off in my head when I “get” the full functionality of Twitter LOL – but I keep going and doing and learning. I, too, find that I am learning new things every day.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!

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