The early bird gets the worm…or just has a lot of time to kill while waiting

I suffer from the uncanny ability to be prompt.  Unfortunately, this does not align to a majority of my work colleagues, friends or family (with the exception of my brother), who are chronic late people (or just ‘really relaxed’).  It’s like it is ingrained in me – I just can’t be late.  IF I think I will be late – man I stress!  I’ve possibly programmed myself, in order to avoid the stress, to be a chronically early person. 

More often than not, I arrive at places at least 30 minutes early.  Then I either sit in the car listening to the radio, wander around the streets, play with my phone, anything to look ‘busy’ – waiting for the time that I was meant to meet up with someone.  I then usually spend another half an hour waiting as they are running late.

Sometimes I try really hard to be late – deliberately.  But then I usually end up being right on time, so then I wait.

I admit this is where the I-Phone has come in handy.  It is the perfect device to occupy my time and keep me busy, whilst I’m standing on the street corner waiting…or sitting in the restaurant waiting…really just thinking, clock watching and waiting.


10 thoughts on “The early bird gets the worm…or just has a lot of time to kill while waiting

  1. Great Article! You’ve spoken out of my heart as I’m ALWAYS early as well and really stress if I think I’m late, and it’s the worst if I’m late because of somebody else.

    Isn’t it a matter of politeness to be punctual? It’s respecting the other’s time, especially nowadays as we’re all busy anyway. To me being late is just rude, so come on Australia, be on time!

    PS: The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. …something for us to think about 🙂

  2. OMG! lol! i think I am the Anti-Janine when it comes to this. I am chronically late to EVERYTHING! I’ve been trying to break this detestable habit for YEARS! from pre primary school, then in high school, at uni…always 5- 10min late for lect…and even for my exam the other day – i waltzed in 7min late! friends know to state 30min buffer time for me. after yrs of doing this – the stress assoc with being late has waned. it all really started at school – when i was a shy kid who didnt want to chatter away with people who werent in my circle of friends – id wait by myself until they arrived – it was so awkward. but – I knew, if i arrived just before or at the bell – they were sure to be there by then – and id be welcomed warmly bc id just arrived! the thing is – im not a kid, i like meeting new people and i understand how important and respectful it is to be on time – but the habit got ingrained.
    I try really hard to be early! or at least on time. all my clocks are set at least 5 – 10min early in an attempt to trick my brain. i set my alarm clocks 30min before i actaully really need to get up. in the back of my mind – behind all my attempts – is the constant decieving chant – ‘trust me – itl take shorter than u think…you don’t want to be toooo early…do u??’
    the very thought of being ‘too early’ – aka having to wait by myself, twiddling my thumbs – makes me stressed! its unfamiliar…

  3. Hey,

    I’m too punctual myself. Actually I owe to “habit” to my dad who insisted on dropping us a good 15 minutes early to school, b’day parties and get together. But now I’ve realized that its “stylish” to be late and unfortunately I haven’t been able to follow that trend!

    Hope you are as punctual with your posts too!
    Nice writing!


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