Queen Procrastinator

I’ve got writers block.

Embarking on a life change is challenging, to say the least. What makes it even harder is that I’m a thinker.  I think WAY too much, I analyse, I weigh up all the scenarios, pros, cons, and so on and so forth.  I think that’s why people say that I am the epitome of my star sign – Virgo.  The perfectionist.  The analyser.  It doesn’t say ‘Queen Procrastinator’ in any of the literature I’ve read though…I guess it doesn’t help my case that my partner is ‘King Procrastinator’.  At least we make a perfect match!

Tips are definitely welcome!

9 thoughts on “Queen Procrastinator

  1. lol – im reading ur reflection as i procrastinate studying childhood asthma…hmmm. ‘broad strokes!’ ‘common things occur commonly!’ – is a way of reminding myself that i mustnt burry myself with details of diseases i will never see.
    in ur case – im like that too – over analysing. i could even say – worrying. somethings may take a while to decide – and thats cool. somethings are scary -and thats cool too – i just recognise that it is! i may make mistakes – and that even better! its all good.
    everyone procrastinates. i wonder if anyone has a cure for this horrible affliction? its like a common viral upper respiratory tract infection that peaks around exams and lifechanging times.

  2. Hey Isabel,
    That’s so funny and such a great metaphor to describe it. Viral upper respiratory tract infection hehe. Can’t be treated by antibiotics right – just lots of rest? Must be why all I want to do is sleep!

  3. You may procrastinate…but not for long. If it helps: at age 60 I threw away a career as an attorney and became a novelist and travel writer. Over night, so to speak. That was 2 years ago. I’m not making much money, my books don’t sell, my travel articles are doing a bit better and like you, I have just launched a new blog. And you know what: I am happier than I have ever been.
    Make sure you have a home, modest as it may be, don’t have to starve and then…go for it.

    • Wow Inka – you have done it! Being a novelist and travel writer is precisely my ‘crazy’ dream that I have kept putting on the back burner. Thank you so much for your advise!

      As to the modest home – I have that but unfortunately for the mortgage and the seemingly never-ending interest rate rises, I can’t give up my ‘day job’ right now…but I will keep working on a plan.

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