My nemesis, Fatigue

Fatigue has been my ‘nemesis’ since I graduated uni.  That was in 1998.

I was a film student, studying full-time, whilst also working part-time – as many hours I could physically do.  Filming, late night editing sessions, studying, attending classes, working and partying physically wrecked me.

I’ve tried to tackle my ‘foe’ in many ways over the years (time surely does fly!?).  But it always manages to sneak up on me unawares, just like those pesky Bananas in pajamas.  We then begin our battle once again.

I know, it’s not as debilitating as chronic fatigue.  I can actually still get up for work in the morning (just). I once knew someone who would work one day, and then be bed ridden for weeks, her body wracked with aches and pains. I’m lucky…but it’s still a pain in the ass.

I’ve tried treatments, specialists, ‘work-life balance…I’ve tried more sleep, less sleep, going to bed at the same time, getting up early (and really late!).  I’ve seen physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, had all types of massages.  I’ve done Pilates, yoga, mediation, weight training, cardio, walking…and doing nothing.  I’ve eliminated foods, given up alcohol, tried drinking 2 litres of water a day, all types of tea, coffee, no coffee, alcohol, a vegetarian diet, a protein diet, and all types of supplements.  I’ve had blood tests, heart tests, hormone tests, stomach tests.  I’ve even given sleeping tablets and antidepressants a shot.  I’ve changed jobs, taken promotions and demotions, taken holidays – for a holiday, and holidays just to ‘rest’.  I’ve taken up hobbies, volunteered, socialised and not socialised.  The only thing I haven’t tried is to stop working.  That’s not an option.  Due to my upbringing and family heritage I’m cursed with an insane work ethic.

Which brings me to today.  I’m annoyed.  I’m annoyed because yet again it’s here with me, and it’s come around at a time when I was just sinking my teeth into things that are satisfying to my soul. So – I’ve grounded myself for the weekend – although I did sneak out to do the grocery shopping – in the hope that after this weekend it will be gone from my life for good.  That is a wee bit optimistic though.

If anyone has any tips I’d be grateful!  I guess I could start by not being so harsh on myself.  I mean, it’s not like I’m a superhero – damn it!  Or I could just move to Mexico so I can have siestas every day! Yes?!


10 thoughts on “My nemesis, Fatigue

  1. Right?! Apparently in some countries their working hours are divided into 2 parts. They go home in the middle of the day, eat, sleep and stuff, then go back to work. It’s a really interesting subject actually (:

  2. Hi hun,

    LOve your blog! Iam like you , in that I have always had days of fatigue, or complete exhauster, that I have to give up what I wanted to do that day. Having anemia all my life, as will as low blood pressure, means I know I have to pace myself, as my health is first priorty. I have found having a quick power nap in the afternoon, about 10-20 mins long, does wonders! Also, exercising helps me. I dont over do, everything in moderiation I say. I think we dont “enjoy” the time to just be…being a reflective person, when I get the feeling of going to faint and complete exhauster, I just go with the flow of my body…that way I recharge again and back to it. Its my “time out” so to say lol. I know its annoying at times, but I have learnt to accept and not figth it, I dont have much control anyway, and everything happans in life for a reason. Luv k x

    • It’s so funny. I just woke up from having a nap – passed out after doing the house work (my dog had a nap with me to). I agree – have to learn to accept it. Wow I have low blood pressure also, used to be known as a fainter! Anemia must suck. You don’t have to do the injection thing do you?

  3. fatigue – i know what u mean! i used to be like that – minsite work – get up at 4am – work til 6pm – dinner, socialise – and had the idiotic idea of studying and doing work in bed…silly silly – i read some of my journal entries from back then – trying to prove to others i was better – trying to compensate for the fact i was small, a girl, and just graduated from uni – i learned about why not to do this, i learned to watch the warning signs of burn out – and most importnatly, i learned that the only person i need to prove to is myself – in the end of the day – no one cares how hard you work, the people you impress, will only want more from you.
    im actually too lazy now – i figured i needed to find ways to reward myself when i get stuff right and not plant ideas in my head that when i start something it might blow up in my face. i love the quote – if you dont have yourself in your own corner – how are you going to win? being gentle and cheering yourself on is an awesome thing. am very slowly getting there….but yeah

    dude – love ur blogs – issues u raise are so universal!

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