I decided to plug my last name into Google last night in an attempt to understand where my family came from…

It was thanks to that amazing search engine called Google that I discovered that the earliest records of the Ripper family (my Dad’s side) dates back to 16th Century in Cornwall, England, where they survived through farming and mining.

Due to a downturn in the Cornish economy, as for centuries Cornwall had depended on the export of tin and other ores, and with the discovery of new mineral deposits in Australia, that the first Rippers ventured to Australia (and surprisingly North America!).

The first Rippers arrived in South Australia on the ship “Lysander” in 1851.  I cannot believe I have actually located the ships log, which includes the names of 4 of my family – http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/australia/lysander1851.ht (oh Google – you truly amaze me!).  In those days, the trip averaged 110 days (I obviously did not get the sea-faring genes, as I still have not managed to survive a boat trip to Rottnest, which is a little island not far from the coast of Western Australia).  To put that into, perspective there were 3 births and 5 deaths on that journey.

Notably, immigration of the Ripper family followed the first fleets of convicts, trades people and early settlers to Australia, which means my family had been in Australia for more than 150 years (and that we did not appear to be convicts which actually surprised me!).

Which brings me to this century.   My Dad grew up on a farm in Quairading –  a country town a few hours out of Perth, with his parents and siblings, living off the land.  And when he grew up, well he became a miner – in nickel and gold.

So it seems that for hundreds of years part of my family were farmers and miners.

Technology is amazing! I would never have know had it not been for the internet and my friend Google!

2 thoughts on “Heritage

  1. My, this is such an interesting post. How did I miss it?
    Loved the way you found out your heritage. Some people tell me we are descendants from Iran, maybe even over 5 generations back, but I haven’t checked up on that.

    My surname is different from my other family members. It is Urdu fro “Lady”! And it is supposed to be changed when I marry! Like a surname that signifies your singleness. Well, many “Khatoons” I know have opted to stick with it even after marriage. So that is a far off decision for now. The name was given by my maternal grand-aunt; she had migrated to Pakistan during the India-Pakistan partition and she was given the honor to name me as she was on a trip to India when I was born! Now, I really don’t know why I typed in my history, but it seemed appropriate. Going to do some search on my Dad’s family name – time to uncover my heritage! 🙂

    • Hey Hajra, I’m not sure! Maybe before we met?
      I loved reading about your heritage and the history of your name. You should definitely uncover more and write about it…even if it’s just personally. I feel so much better about my family history now I know where we came from – it explains so much in a way.

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